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Win a Date with The Bachelor

AUSTIN, TX -- Want to win a date with Austin's Brad Womack, ABC's new candidate for The Bachelor?

You're in the wrong place, then. This guy is a bar owner, for goshsakes.

If you're looking for someone less hunky and say more geeky -- then I am available.   Me4

I want to find someone interested in taking salsa lessons with a card carrying geek

See "Who Wants to be the Sexiest Geek Alive?"  I'm the geek on the right next to Charlie Gibson. I'm a funny geek, too. Check out: Is Marketing Like Dating or Dating Like Marketing? It’s all Good When You’re a Geek

I'm hooked on that silly So You You Can Dance show and thosStevenphenixbluee graceful dancers have inspired me to try to overcome the humiliation I suffered at an 8th grade dance.  Back in the 70's, the last time I danced, I had a date with the girl who would later grow up to be the prom queen. And my best friend had a pair of black platform shoes that I just HAD to have. My mom took me to Target and they only had one pair left that were three sizes too big.  I told my mom I'd wear four pairs of socks and I begged and pleaded till she gave in.

For the dance I put on my baby-blue leisure suit and faux silk shirt.  The shirt had an orange and blue desert scene on it--it would be really cool today. I put on the four pairs of socks and I stuffed the ends of my platforms with cotton balls just for stability.

At the dance, I was out on the floor boogeying my best when I fell out of the shoes. And cotton balls went everywhere.  Needless to say, everyone pointed and laughed.

Now, lo these many years and with the help of a reality show, I'm ready to over come this trauma.  And as long as they don't play the Bay City Rollers or KC and the Sunshine Band, I'll probably get through it without suffering flashbacks. 8-)

Leave me a comment and  me know if you think dance lessons with a geek might be fun.


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