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Meet the 40 First Dates Gal

AUSTIN, TX -- "Stacci," is an anonymous Austin blogger who's turning 40 soon and she's looking to go out on 40 first dates.Publisher

I think her story perfectly illustrates the complex situation singles face here in Austin.  The Land of the Weird and the Home of the Armadillo is supposed to be a great place for singles. And if you read accounts like Jacci Howard Bear's -- "Texas is the Friendship State and Austin is the Friendly City. Singles looking for love and anyone just looking for friendly faces love Austin, including families and kids."  -- well, it's easy to start feeling like everyone is out there having fun while you stay home and slowly turn into a cat lady.

Truth is, Austin is a great place for singles -- that is if you're 21 yrs-old and don't mind loud music and having beer sloshed all over you. For professionals in their 30's, 40's and 50's, finding The One can be a bit rough while you're toiling away any chance you have at love while working 16 hours a day. (It looks like even the AARP set is having more fun than you. Check out Sex: the new senior moment, my dad's post on "geezer-gasms.")

That's why Stacci's unique approach interested me. 

As you know, I write and produce The Armadillo Podcast as a means to get my friend Galia to move to Austin. So every week (minus the last two years of silence) I invite quirky, interesting Austinites to come on the show just to share with Galia the things they love about Austin.

Lately, Galia has been through some really odd dating experiences out in Northern California and I think we're going to do a special podcast just so she can share a funny story or two.  However, if I can prove to her that Austin has a more fertile dating scene, she might just be convinced to move here.  So going forward I plan to interview a wide variety of Austin singles so they can let her know what's it like out in the field.

If you're a single, "Sleepless in Austin" person and you've got a story to tell, I'd love to interview you. No gripes about ex-wives or husbands, please. But good stories are welcome and we can do a podcast without revealing your true identity.

That's why I want to follow "Stacci's" quest and I hope she will allow me to interview her on my program.

Writes Stacci:

"ok.......2 mos in a new town, new job, new life....and i decided to do something truly different."

So this mystery woman placed an ad on Craiglist that reads:

Turning 40 in a couple of months and decided to do something truly different.
Still need a few spots filled in............
I am on a quest to find 40 first dates.......YES!! 40 1st dates.
Although this is for real, I am blogging my birthday because I am turning 40.
Purely fun, platonic and you pay your half only.

I am assigning days to respondents......tell me what dates you would like to meet. As for the date...........you decide. It is my birthday and I want to be spoiled. It must be public as I will meet you there.

Respondents must be between 30 - 42, smart, funny and possessing a strong sense of confidence and moral character. No one night stands. Where things go after the 1st date is strictly up to you as I will not contact you.

READ THIS PART!!!! Be advised, I will blog this experience so let me know if you do not want to be included, if you would mind your picture being used, etc. This is a platonic, fun birthday celebration.

Here's Stacci's blog at stacciturns40.

And Stacci, for the sake of science, I would love to be one of your 40 -- but I'm two years over your 30-42 yr old range!

All you single Austin men need to ask Stacci out via her CL ad, so we'll both have something to write about.



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This has been a true adventure. I have been busy with work and have not stayed too diligent, but I will until my birthday. Please email me with questions or if you know someone who wants to be a part of this adventure.

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