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Win Free Tickets to See the Texas Rollergirls

Guess what?

Courtesy of Austin's favorite roller derby league, the Texas Rollergirls, we have six free tickets to give away to their special SXSW bout, Saturday the 18th at the Austin Music Hall.

This Saturday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:00 PM, you can watch visiting squads Assassination City Derby and Dallas Derby Devils knock heads in the first bout.  In the second bout, the hometownTxrollergirlcapts_2 heroines, the Hustlers and the Hell Marys will then put the hurt on each other. The winners of each bout will then challenge each other for the TX by TX Crown.  (My bet: If her knee is up to it, Dynah-Mite and the Hustlers will take the crown.)

Tickets are still available right here, or you can enter our contest.

We will give away two tickets to the first three people who can answer the following Texas Rollergirl trivia question:

edgeio-key: 89d83a817a637148e1f2d8fa9ce1b730e1e238ba

Which guitar company sponsored the Texas Rollergirls during SXSW 2005 (last year)?

Need a clue? Search here for the answer.

But hold on! There's a catch (there's always a catch.)

To qualify for the free tickets you must first subscribe to The Armadillo Podcast email newsletter.  It's simple to do. Click on this link and enter your email address.  FeedBlitz will then send you an email asking you to confirm your email address.  After you've confirmed your email address, forward that message from FeedBlitz to an Armadillo Podcast editor and tell us that you've subscribed and give us your answer to the trivia question.  The first three people to follow these steps--all these steps--will win two free tickets each to see the Texas Rollergirls this Saturday.

If want these free tickets, let's review what must be done to win:

1. Subscribe to The Armadillo Podcast newsletter.
2. Confirm your subscription and send us that confirmation email.
3. Include your answer to the Texas Rollergirl trivia question.
4. Be one of the first three and you'll win the tickets!

Good luck and we'll see you at the Austin Music Hall on Saturday.

Also come back real soon to hear our exclusive interview with Hydra, Miss March, and No. 4 of the Hotrod Honeys to hear the true, untold story of the Texas Rollergirls!


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