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Next Guest: Jade Day, Singer-Songwriter

In Austin, you can swing a stick in any direction and you'd hit a singer-songwriter.  Recently I met one of these folks and he helped me rethink my desire to hit singer-songwriters with a stick.

Jade Day will be our next guest on The Armadillo Podcast and if you'll take the time to listen to this upcoming episode, you too will probably give up the once-popular sport of swatting at Jadeday1_1 singer-songwriters.  Like the clubbing of baby seals, this practice has got to stop.

In all seriousness, you owe it to yourself to give this guy a listen.  His latest EP, Chimera, is available on iTunes and you can always listen to a sample of his work before purchasing.  Click here to check out the four songs on Chimera:       Jade Day - Chimera - EP

If you're struggling with your calendar during SXSW, listening to Jade's songs should help you make up your mind about at least one artist you can't afford to miss.

You catch Jade Day at several showcases during SXSW:

Also come back soon to hear our interview with Jade and remember only you can prevent singer-songwriter clubbing.

Photo above by Melissa Champion.


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Ian Varley

Yes, totally - Jade is awesome. I was listening through all the MP3s in the SxSW bittorrent, and came across his and was totally entranced. Glad to see all the chances to catch him!

Steven Phenix

And he's a nice guy, too! If I were that talented, I'd probably be insufferably arrogant.

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