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Mother Nature Displeased with Texas Legislature. Save Yourself for Kinky or Suffer a Plague or Two

Mother Nature, AKA the Great Spirit, is fixing to put the hurt on Texas.  But what you do today might make a difference.

Once upon a time, in 1901, the Texas legislature named the bluebonnet the state flower.  According to the Texas State Historical Association, some Indian lore said that this pretty flower was a gift from the Great Spirit.

Flash forward over a hundred years and three special sessions to solve the education crises in Texas, and the bluebonnets are dying.

  Texas bluebonnet Originally uploaded by DogMyCats.

While experts are saying that our high-level drought will cause the these lovelies to put on a lesser show this year, we here at The Armadillo Podcast wonder if it might be something more dire.

Perhaps the Great Spirit is displeased with the way the Texas Legislature has repeatedly mucked up school finance despite three special sessions and millions and millions of wasted tax dollars.  Perhaps the Great Spirit thinks our current governor Rick Perry speaks with a forked tongue when he tries to claim that everything is A-OK with Texas' education system.

What can you do to make the Great Spirit smile upon Texas again?

Stay home from the primaries today and save your vote for Kinky Friedman.  See "Is Texas Ready for Kinky?" for all the details.

Remember, only you can save the bluebonnets.

Want to hear Kinky talk about the issues?  Download The Armadillo Podcast interview with Kinky back in Episode 9.

Texas bluebonnet photo originally uploaded on Flickr by DogMyCats


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I intend to do my part to save the Bluebonnets! I think a three (or better yet a four) way race is the best chance we have to get rid of Perry. Kinky's chances are best if Strayhorn and Perry destroy each other so we probably need her in the race too. Let's hope the Kinkster can pull it off.

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