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Willie Nelson's New Cowboy Love Song

This Valentine's Day Willie Nelson released a love song, a tolerance song, and it's only available on iTunes.

Download it here:      Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other) [iTunes Originals Version]

Free 30-second previews of all songs only at iTunes.

The song "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" has "been in the closet 20 years," said Willie in the Dallas Morning News.  More after the jump...

  PC172551.JPG Originally uploaded by Hippie Gal.

According to DMN:

"Willie Nelson's crooned cowboy songs before, from the signature 'Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys' to 'My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.'

"But never like this: On 'Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other,' the Texas country icon sings about love among men on the range. Available exclusively at iTunes today, the song aims to show Mr. Nelson's support for gays, particularly to conservative country-music fans."

Let's hope those country music fans, the same folks who demonized Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks for speaking her mind, can open their hearts to the first gay-themed country western song. (For the progressive yet still squeamish, perhaps you should begin with this straight man's guide to watching Brokeback Mountain.)

With lyrics like "Inside every cowboy there's a lady who wants to slip out/Say what did you think all those saddles and boots were about," the rednecks will have to choose between their love for Willie and their homophobia.  (More lyrics available on BoingBoing.) 

You're a brave man, Willie. 

I don't know how this song will play in the other counties in Texas.  But here in Travis County, the only county in Texas county to vote down the bigotry of Proproposition 2, Willie will always have a home here.  (Could be why both Willie and the Dixie Chicks call Austin home!)

Show Willie some love and download "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" by clicking here:        Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other) [iTunes Originals Version]


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Former Fan

I hate this. I've been a Willie fan when he wasn't famous, when he was a drunk, a smoker. I've been to concerts since I was in college and now a week before he'll be performing near my city, he does this. Too bad, Willie, I prefer the Bible view over fun music. No gay approval from me. No approval for your trying to promote them. No acceptance of that life style as an alternative.

Steven Phenix

Don't be hatin'!

I wasn't aware that gay was a life style. Nor am I familar with the Bible verse that forbids "fun music."


Hey Armadillo! I signed up for the site but didn't get to listen to that new Willie song as promised! Gotta hear it, and gotta hear it now :)

Steven Phenix

Hi Steve, We've gone way, way past our offer of giving away a free Willie song to the first 15 who subscribed. However, just to say thanks and just because you want to hear it so bad, we'll send you an iTunes version right this very second.

warren sugarman

I'd sure like to see it

Hippie Gal

If you're going to use photos that are clearly marked as copyrighted, you should ask the person who made the photo first.
The photo that was above in this article, is my photo. It is copyrighted.
If you had sent me an email and asked to use the photo, I would have said yes... as long as you gave me credit with my name and link back on the photo.
Thing is, you didn't ask. You just took it.
Not only 'uncool'... but also illegal.

Steven Phenix


First, I apologize if this photo of yours on my blog has caused you any distress.

When I got your comment I immediately went to the blog to remove the offending photo but I see that this photo -- which I did link to -- on Flickr is now marked as "private." So at first I was concerned that someone had posted this on Flickr without your consent and perhaps you had contacted them as well and that is why the photo is now not available. But I did a little detective work and I believe I solved the mystery.

I took that photo from Flickr and did link to the original instead of copying it, as per Flickr's usage policy. I'm sure you looked at Flickr's policies regarding copyright and Creative Commons usage and if a photo isn't usable by people other than the original photographer, then that photo can't be imbedded or linked to. And the copyright settings and usage levels are always set in stone by the original poster of the photograph.

I published this post over three years ago, so I honestly don't recall what the copyright settings were on this particular photo. But I do remember it always took a long, long time to find a pic I could legally use (and liked) on Flickr, so I'd always have to search through hundreds of pics till I found the right one.

As the son of journalists and guy who now teaches blogging to corporations, I'm well versed on the uncoolness and illegality of violating a copyright. Whenever one of my clients uses an image on their blog I always ask them if they own the rights or have asked permission. If they don't and they still want to use the image I warn them that using that image opens them up to a lawsuit. And the owner of that work would likely pursue legal recourse against their company because the owner would believe that the company had much deeper pockets than say a personal blogger.

So please know that I never would have used that photo if it didn't have the "Blog This" button at the top, as seen at the top of this photo: http://tinyurl.com/c4qlsj. But even if I wanted to, Flickr's settings are such that if the photographer doesn't want his or her work linked to, then Flickr automatically won't allow that to happen. (There's workarounds, I know. But if I had to resort to a workaround, that meant the photographer intended to protect and not share his/her work. And I would never, ever have subjected myself to such liability.) If you take a look at this post of mine from that same day back in 2006 -- http://tinyurl.com/cjstpt -- you can see another image I used from Flickr and when I clicked the "Blog This" button on their site, Flickr automatically creates the code that display the attribution, or lack there of, as set by the owner of the image. In this particular post you'll see "Aunti K" is credited with the pic and my blog links to her original work, as per her preset conditions on Flickr.

When I clicked on the photo of Willie Nelson so I could find the original publisher of this photo and look at what the copyright and usage settings are I saw that it's now marked as a "private" photo. So that's when I begin to wonder if your complaint was with the owner of this Flickr account and not with me, since I had done nothing that violated Flickr's policies or US copyright law.

But then I noticed that owner of this Flickr account had the same handle as your email and that the woman in this pic - http://tinyurl.com/c9d4zm - looked to be the same person that I saw in an Ebay account when I Google searched your email address.

So please forgive me if this hunch is wrong, but here's what I think happened. I believe that when you published this photo of Willie Nelson three years ago you probably weren't aware of Flickr's copyright policies and that you could set the usage to whatever degree you felt comfortable with. It looks like somewhere in the intervening three years you discovered Flickr's usage settings and changed them to full copyright with all forms of usage forbidden, as seen in this pic of you here - http://tinyurl.com/c9d4zm.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be what happened.

Again, I apologize for the distress this may have caused you but it looks like everything is cool now, right?



Steven Phenix

Hi again,

I just checked my statcounter for this blog and noticed that you found my post by Googling this phrase, "Originally uploaded by Hippie Gal." That is the language generated by Flickr's "Blog This" button, so I really hope that means that you are aware that I did link to you and credit as per Flickr's copyright policies and auto-generated code.

I hope my responses to you has cleared everything up.



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