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West Texas' Take on Willie's New Gay Cowboy Song

He's just pulling our leg, says MyWestTexas.com. 


"I prefer to think he's just having fun at our expense. He's certainly not above or below that. Which is not to say we're apt to have fun back. My guess is we won't much like Willie's song in these parts. Nor will there be much of a chance of us turning on local country radio and hearing it any time soon."

"...Hey, it could be worse: instead of singing about gay cowboys, he could have suggested that they're all liberals."

Link: MyWestTexas.com - Willie's new gay cowboy song set in West Texas.

Want a free copy of "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other?" Click here for details.

Free 30-second previews of all songs only at iTunes.


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well i think its about time someone has alittle fun in this crazy mixed up world we live in, i have followed willie for years and he has done so many good things for people , why don't ya all leave him alone, he was going to be in kerrville tx, for the opening of the museum texas rangers, but some one got a cob stuck up their duppa, they decided he was not good enough to be there, cause it looked bad on the rangers,, well all i can say kerrville you missed out on a good thang!!! go willie....

Steven Phenix

Oh no, I think you've misunderstood what we've been doing here. We're not criticizing Willie. In fact, we're doing the opposite and cheering him on for taking a stand for both love and tolerance.

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