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Homesick for Texas?


If you're homesick for Texas, take a listen to some of our guests on The Armadillo Podcast

Download a little twang into your iPod and then go find a BBQ joint in your neighborhood.  Order the ribs and a beer, then turn up the volume on one of shows. The food may not taste like the Salt Lick BBQ back home, but listening to these folks talk  will  almost make you feel like you're having a sit-down, family-style meal. (Complete episode guide after the jump.)

Apguests Melicious2thumbsm Collendieterthumb

Listen to The Armadillo Podcast and meet  some of  Austin's most interesting  people. The Armadillo Podcast exists solely to convince Galia, my best friend living out in California to move to Austin, TX. Jeffnightbyrdthumb

Vikkilovingthumb_3 That may sound like a small niche but the people who love Austin and its quirky ways are a large and passionate audience. 

Yossighinsberg_1 And I intend to ask every person in Austin to share their affection for the city Daviddbrownthumb through his podcast interviews until my friend moves to town. 

Previous guests who joined me so far on this quest so far have included Kinky Friedman, Melicious, one of the Texas Rollergirls and David Brown, the host of KUT's Texas Music Matters program.

Richardgarriott2thumb In trying to convince my friend to "come home with the armadillo," like the song says, I’ve so far interviewed 18 people in Austin, the country's 16th largest city.  That's 18 down and 656,544 to go till I either interview them all, or my friend gives in and moves here.  But this show is really about the things that make Austin special. It's an online radio postcard that says "Wish you were here," to all our friends abroad.Carolineashearerthumb_1

My friend Galia, an Israeli woman who lives in Northern California, has been my friend for nearly twenty years.  Since The Armadillo Podcast launched last year, I've interviewed Jamesbrushthumb Austin authors, musicians, politicians, every day Austinites and I end every show by asking Galia if she’s ready to move.   However, every week, my friend says, "No, I won't.”


Nextguestthumb Will Galia ever move to Austin?  Don't miss a single episode of The Armadillo Podcast and find out.

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Here's our complete episode guide to date:

18.0 Dave Steakley - the man behind the "Keepin it Weird" play (TBA)

17.0 Michael Barnes - arts and entertainment editor, Austin American-Statesman

16.0 Wayne Alan Brenner - editor, author, playwright, visionary pamphleteer

15.0 Richard Garriott - world famous games maker

14.0 Melicious - one of the Texas Rollergirls, No. 11 with the Hotrod Honeys

13.0 Caroline A. Shearer - fun chat with freelance writer

12.0 James Brush - novel conversation with novelist

11.0 Ben Brown - all-consumming call with Consumating.com founder

10.0 Yossi Ghinsberg - author of Jungle, big fan of Austin

9.0 Kinky Friedman - Governor in Waiting

8.0 Meet the Press - Four political journalists give the 411 on Kinky

7.1 Lisa Farwell - The Haunting of the B-Side

7.0 Lisa Farwell - Haunted Texas Vacation spots

6.0 David Brown - Texas Music Matters (more than Los Angeles)

5.2 Vikki Loving - Wildly Austin/Origins of the Terminix bug and a field of flamingos

5.1 Vikki Loving - Wildly Austin/resurrecting Mangiazilla

4.0 Colleen Dieter - Personal gardener battles fires ants, scorpions, still loves Austin

3.0 Jeff Nightbyrd - What a long, strange trip it's been: SDS to SAG

2.0 George Phenix - father of me, probably our funniest episode ever

1.0 Steven Phenix on My Friend Galia - A friendship that dare not speak its name, because we'd just make fun of each other's accents


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Guests and Armadillos

  • Steven Phenix
    Weekly podcast interviews of Austinites famous and infamous, known and unknown, with the sole intent to convince my good friend Galia, an Israeli woman living way out in California, to move and live with us here in Austin, Texas, the land of the weird and the home of the armadillo.

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