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Episode 14: Melicious, Texas Rollergirl

If you'll recall way back before the winter break, my friend Galia said that she would like us to speak with a good role model for her daughter.

I think we've found one, or rather sixty women.  They have names like Misty Meaner, Buckshot Betsy, Vendetta Von Dutch, Reyna Terror and they skate for the Texas Rollergirls.

In Episode 14 of The Armadillo Podcast we'll be talking with one of the founding members of the Texas Rollergirls. When she's in the rink, she goes by the name Melicious and she's often called the Audrey Hepburn of roller derby.  If you've arrived at this podcast because of Rollergirls, the A&E reality show, then you're probably unaware the Austin has two different roller derby leagues and that the producers approached the Texas Rollergirls first.

Why did they turn down the opportunity?  In our eclusive podcast interview with Melicious she'll tell us what the producers said that made the Texas Rollergirls uncomfortable.

Click here to  Download ArmadilloPodcast14.mp3.

In this episode, I'll also you tell bout what I witnessed last night when Jim Swift from KXAN and I went to watch the Texas Rollergirls workout. 

Last night I saw strength and athletic grace.  I saw beauty and independence. 

I saw athletes. 

Jim and his cameraman, Chris, got out in the middle of the rink and taped the girls rolling by in a blocking drill that resembled fighter planes in a dogfight.  If the KXAN segment that airs tonight doesn't capture the power in what we witnessed, then I don't know that my words can do it justice.  How can one describe the birth of a new sport?

Incidentally, Swift did a segment on The Armadillo Podcast for his "On the Porch" series.  It should air in about thirty minutes and if it's good, we'll link to it.  If not, you'll have to find it on your own. ;-)


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