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Note to Apple: Please don't sue us

Dear Apple Lawyers,

I know you had a little talk with iPodder and made them change their name to protect your trademark.  So I'm curious if our new banner for The Armadillo Podcast will pass muster.  We'll be moving to our own domain soon, so a friend contributed this new banner and logo below.

Armadillopodcastbanner_1 We like it.  We think it's cute.  We'd like to keep it.  If we ask real nice and say pretty please, may we use this banner?




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    Weekly podcast interviews of Austinites famous and infamous, known and unknown, with the sole intent to convince my good friend Galia, an Israeli woman living way out in California, to move and live with us here in Austin, Texas, the land of the weird and the home of the armadillo.

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