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Alamo Draft House Screens Xanadu Tonight with Sinus Show and Texas Rollergirls

Austin will shut down tonight for what will soon be branded the "Ice Storm of 2005." For all you yankees who know how to drive in the ice, take my advise and stay home.  You might know how to drive in slush, but none of us know how and we'll all be sliding into your car.

I'm going to see a special screening of Xanadu tonight at the Alamo Draft House, featuring The Sinus Show and the Texas Rollergirls.  If there are less people on the road, I might make it there and back without incident.

I just found out about this because Texas Rollergirl, Ellis Dee, of The Hustlers, just sent me all the details below:

Next Event: Sinus Theater and the Texas Rollergirls
When: Wednesday, December 7 @ 7:00pm
Location: The Original Downtown Alamo Drafthouse, 409 Colorado Street, Austin, TX
Tickets: $10.50 in advance here; tix at the door if available
Entertainment by: Jerm Pollet, Owen Egerton, and John Erler as they present Texas Rollergirls footage followed by "Xanadu" as only the Sinus crew can!
Prizes: 2 Texas Rollergirls Smack Pack season tix to the best performer of a roller-disco song, videoke style before the show!

Oh, and next week, we'll have the honor of interviewing Melicious, number 11 of the Hotrod Honeys.Melicious1 The Texas Rollergirls will be featured on the Today Show some time and January and in our little way, the Armadillo Podcast is scooping Matt Laurer with the story on why roller derby is so darned popular here in Austin.

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