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April 05, 2005


Alice Marshall

I put it to you that this is not a PR problem, it is a moral problem for American Society.

Steven Phenix

Oh, I agree with you! I just don't want my industry to be thrown out with the bath water.


David Kelly

Interestingly, over this side of the lake they call the Atlantic, "a cowboy" is a term used to refer to a tradesman of dubious credentials and reliablity. We don't have the word "shyster". I may pass on using the cowboy analogy :-)

Steven Phenix

Er, I always thought that shyster came from the character "Shylock," which I believe originated on your side of the pond. But whatever works for you, works for me. Pick the term that fits--positively--for you and yourn and let's saddle up. (Five quid says that don't translate, mate.)

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