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About Phenix Public Relations' Digital PR Service for the PR Industry

Phenix Public Relations' Digital PR Services for the PR industry enables clients to open an online channel of communication with their targeted universe of customers, influencers and prospects.  Anchored by a business blog, Phenix Public Relations uses a variety of Web 2.0 and social media tools to create an extraordinarily effective corporate PR, awareness and marketing tool.  Unlike traditional PR, Digital PR also incorporates a proven means of search engine optimization, lead generation and opportunity capture.

The Phenix Public Relations' Digital PR Service for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses offers clients a flexible, cost-effective platform to accomplish any and all of the following:

  • Increase the company's Web presence and search engine rankings through keyword-heavy posts, forums and message boards
  • Support customer and prospect relationships with online technical support, Q&As, and commentary from in-house subject matter experts
  • Promote the company to high-level influencers, decision makers and potential customers with broader-scope, business-oriented posts and message boards
  • Put the company ahead of the competition by always being the first to comment on breaking industry news and product releases
  • Gather data on potential and existing customers through reader surveys, downloadable content, newsletters and Webinars
  • Use resulting search traffic data to track both active and passive leads (i.e., interested readers who may become customers, or company advocates)

At Phenix Public Relations, we've developed a set of best practices around the planning, implementation, and support of new media tools that help us monitor and manage every step of the process.  Phenix Public Relations' Digital PR team will take responsibility for as much, or as little of the online content development and infrastructure as the client requires.  Regardless of the scope of the assignment, however, Phenix Public Relations' online reporting capabilities, strategic experience and tactical know-how ensure that targeted metrics are not only achieved, but exceeded.

In short, our Digital PR Service helps companies strengthen their existing customer and third-party relationships, as well as establish new ones.

Phenix Public Relations' Digital PR Service for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Business blogging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Key word optimization

Technical forums

Internal wikis

External wikis

Social networking: facebook, myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Bebo, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr

Social Media Marketing (SMM): digg, reddit, Technorati, Netscape, StumbleUpon,, etc.

White-boarded facebook/myspace applications

User-generated reviews

User-generated content

Business podcasting

Email newsletters

RSS feeds

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About Phenix Public Relations, LLC

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About Steven Phenix, Principal, Web Strategy, Viametric, Inc.

Email me.

Steven Phenix, before becoming a convert to blogging and digital PR, produced consistent, positive, high volume results for clients in top-tier media outlets across the globe.

Meblue Prior to joining ViaMetric, he was a eighteen-year PR veteran who specialized in public relations strategy, programs and events that were designed to directly benefit his client’s bottom-line.  In a Web 1.0 world he directed accounts for public relations firms in Austin and Silicon Valley including: Neal-May & Partners, Bite Communications, Future-Works and The Alliant Group. Clients have included: Entegris, Docent, Cresta, Focus Enhancements, Centric Software, Entera, ZapMe!, SearchButton, 80-20 Software, PurpleTie, Tornado, CMP's M-Business, Sienna Holdings, eoSports, TechPlanet and many others.

Phenix has created and executed aggressive media and analyst relations programs that have routinely enabled clients to achieve sales objectives. In one quarter for Docent Inc., he earned six analyst briefings and 168 placements, including the Wall Street Journal, Red Herring, Forbes and The Economist, which lead to 34 new customers and a 20 percent rise in stock price.

Recently, Phenix created a blogging program for Cesura that helped add 27 prospects into the client’s sales pipeline in just two short weeks after the launch of the blog.  Through strategic planning and implementation, the client’s key search words found the blog on the front pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN also within two weeks.

When Phenix invented the Sexiest Geek Alive Contest to garner publicity for, he created a media storm that left a unique footprint on pop culture. Worldwide exposure included 374 placements—from CNN and USA Today to “Good Morning America” and the National Enquirer; over 18,000 contestants in 2000; and more than 15,000 in 2001. Ellen Spertus, winner of the 2001 contest, was recently added as answer to the question “What dubious honor did Ellen Spertus win in 2001,” in Trivial Pursuit’s 20th Anniversary edition.

For more information on Viametric and the company's corporate marketing capabilites, click here.


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