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Armadillo Podcast Poll: Ex-Governor vs. Current Texas Rollergirl

Who should we interview?

Annrichards Governor number 45


Melicious2 Texas Rollergirl number 11



At the end of Episode 13: Caroline A. Shearer, you can hear a bit of a change from my friend Galia.  In episode after episode we continue to interview interesting and thought-provoking Austinites like Kinky Friedman and the host of KUT's Texas Music Matters, David Brown, who are all kind enough share with Galia what they love about our town.

But at the end of every episode Galia resolutely replies, "No, I can't move to Austin." This week she cracked a bit and admitted that she likes all the interviews we've done with various writers like Caroline and James Brush.  In fact, she even had a request:  "I'd like to hear more from role models for my daughter.  Go interview Ann Richards."

So we thought we'd leave it to our loyal listeners to make the final decision.  As a role model, who would you like to hear us interview, Ann Richards, ex-governor or Melicious, current Texas Rollergirl?

Make your vote count and scroll down the side bar on the left to make your vote in the Official Armadillo Podcast Poll.


Sherry Cardino

Strong independant women who run their own business and are pioneer of Flat-Track Rollerderby are great role models. Expression, art, business, sport, community service, etc.

Steven Phenix

I couldn't agree more! Melicious told me in our interview about a daughter of one of the Texas Rollergirls who sits wide-eyed at the edge of the track watching every move her mother and teammates makes. I know that being close to these strong women will have an impact on that little girl for the rest of her life. And that story was the motivation behind this poll.

Loretta'Little Iodine' Behrens

Click here: Derby Memoirs: A Tribute To Roller Derby History

Great to see the gals skating and doing well growing all across the country.
Play honor to the name of the game your playing.
Roller Derby is a sport, no matter what your outfit is called. Roller Gals have been growing and any help is out here for the asking.
My best to see all the gals have a career for a life time of joy a good sisterhood for life time of memories


Definitely you should interview a derby girl. WAY more interesting than a boring old politician who's answers are predictable. ;)

Steven Phenix

I think our audience has spoken loudly and clearly about who they want us to interview! Currently, Melicious is leading Ann Richards 102-2. As for our former governor, she was hardly ever prectible. Still, you're right though, she's no match for a Texas Rollergirl.

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