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Next Guest: James Brush, novelist

Our next guest, in typical Austin fashion, is a hyphenated man. James Brush is a film-maker--turned high school English teacher--turned novelist.  His first book, A Place Without a Postcard, is about man who gets lost. Unlike our previous guest, Yossi Ghinsberg, who got lost in the Amazon, James' character gets lost in the wilds of West Texas.  Must be something going around.

About A Place Without a Postcard: (See review)

Paul Reynolds, a photographer who creates fake photos for tabloid
magazines, wakes up with no idea where he is or how he got there. He can't
even recall his name. A strange man lurks nearby, breathing heavily and slowly
flipping through a book. Paul hears the man's breath, but he cannot see him.
He realizes with mounting panic that his eyes no longer function.

He remembers racing down a desolate West Texas highway. He remembers
a cop who pulled him over for speeding. He remembers a shotgun-
brandishing cook chasing him out of a diner. And he remembers a life
abandoned, but he cannot put together the jigsaw puzzle that brought him
where he is: blind, wanted by the law, and in the company of this invisible

In the backcountry town of Armbister, Texas, where temperatures hover
around a hellish 110 degrees, Paul's memory, intangible as a heat mirage,
lies just beyond his reach, and God may be a coyote.

Aplacewithoutapostcard_1James Brush's blog and Coyote Mercury, his web site


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