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Next Guest: Ben Brown, Consumating founder, Austinist editor

On Friday we'll be featuring Ben Brown, our latest guest on The Armadillo Podcast.

Ben has his fingers in a lot of pots.  He runs Consumating.com, a dating site for hipsters, geeks and bloggers that employs user-created tags for better matching. (If you have to ask what "tags" are, you're not a geek.) Benbrown_1Ben is also the editor of Austinist.com, a blog about Austin, Texas. He founded So New Media, a micro-publishing company, and a series of punk rock literary events called Book Punk. He lives in South Austin with his brother and two dogs.

Ben is one of those "only in Austin"-type individuals even though he's originally from Washington, DC.  He also has the rare distinction of being our most hyperlinked guest.

Check back with us on Friday for our interview with Ben.


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