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The Kinky Kronicles: Armadillo Podcast to Interview Kinky Friedman

BREAKING NEWS...Laura Stromberg from the Committe to Elect the Kinkster emailed to say Kinky would do an interiew with The Armadillo Podcast.


In the meantime, send us your questions for Kinky! If you'd like to know where the candidate stands on abortion, state taxes, border issues, health care, education or the Astros chances to win the World Series, send us your questions and we'll read them--and credit you--when we talk to Kinky during the upcoming podcast.

Send your questions to: DilloCast@gmail.com!Kinkytoon_screenshot

Also if you want to see Kinky in the general election, here's what you can do to help:

1. Don't vote in the primary, then sign the petition (due to weird Texas law you can't do both)
2. Sign up to volunteer
3. Donate to the campaign
4. Buy the swag at the online store

Independence don't come cheap.

Me, I'm doing all this just to see Kinky debate Rick Perry.  I plan to be on the front row.

Curious how this whole thing came about?

Follow the bouncing ball from post-to-post:



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