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To Do List: 1. Move to Austin

Galia's To Do List (as suggested by me) 

Texas bluebonnet, originally uploaded by DogMyCats.

1. Read this article in Washington Monthly by Richard Florida: "The Rise of the Creative Class: Why cities without gays and rock bands are losing the economic development race"

2. Absorb these random facts. Austin is:

  • Third Most "Unwired City" according to Intel
  • Second in Richard Florida's "Creativity Index"
  • Number three "Best Place for Business" with high marks for low cost and highly educated work force, according to Forbes
  • Second among the world's top knowledge-based economic regions says the World Knowledge Competitive Index
  • Ninth in a new ranking of "Hot Cities" for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur
    • We're also, according to these guys, the eighth spot for "young companies" and tenth for companies experiencing "rapid growth." (All together now:  "We're number 9! We're number 9!?")

3. Pack up tiny, over-priced house in California
4. Move to Austin

In the article mentioned above, Florida writes:

"I think it's important for a place to have low entry barriers for people---that is, to be a place where newcomers are accepted quickly into all sorts of social and economic arrangements. All else being equal, they are likely to attract greater numbers of talented and creative people---the sort of people who power innovation and growth. Places that thrive in today's world tend to be plug-and-play communities where anyone can fit in quickly. These are places where people can find opportunity, build support structures, be themselves, and not get stuck in any one identity. The plug-and-play community is one that somebody can move into and put together a life---or at least a facsimile of a life---in a week....

"...There is no one-size-fits-all model for a successful people climate. The members of the creative class are diverse across the dimensions of age, ethnicity and race, marital status, and sexual preference. An effective people climate needs to emphasize openness and diversity, and to help reinforce low barriers to entry. Thus, it cannot be restrictive or monolithic."

To put it another way, we're "Keepin' it Weird" here just so people like you can have a place to call home.

5. Find out why, other than the bluebonnet, there are so few blue flowers in the world by listening to my upcoming interview with Colleen Dieter, owner of Red Wheelbarrow Plant Care and creator of GrowingPleasures.com, an online gardening club.


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