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Kinky Kampaign Krises

The numbers don't lie, folks.  Check the chart below to see how far the Campaign to Elect the Kinkster is dropping in the blogosphere.Kinkystats_2

On the 21st of September I asked Kinky Friedman's PR manager if the candidate would consent to be a guest on The Armadillo Podcast.  On the BlogPulse chart, notice that this date is the highest point of the Kinky campaign.  Since then, I've received no answer and Kinky's standings in the blogosphere have fallen precipitously. (Even with a Dallas Morning News story yesterday.)

OK, I'm kidding.  I'm having a Rush Limbaugh moment and making Silly Putty out of the facts and molding it to my point of view.

September 21st was actually the day Kinky released his Kinkytoon, and apparently the blogs liked it.  Since then, the attention has fallen off.  If this nontraditional ad was designed to spread virally and attract the nontraditional voters, it seems to be puttering out.  There's also a pun in there about Kinky and viruses but I'm trying to keep to the high road.

These stats come from BlogPulse and it's a great resource for tracking a blog topic.  For even more granular research, check out PubSub's analysis of Kinky's site--basically they're tanking since Sept. 21. 

Mr. Friedman, I really hope you'll come be a guest on our podcast.  If you'd like, we can make it a regular spot.  We could call it, uh, Tuesdays with Kinky. Hell, it beats advertising.

In the next post, I'll introduce you to some of your blogging fans.  And I'll be asking them to also reach out to you.



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