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Armadillo Podcast 1: My Friend Galia

Click the link at the bottom to hear episode one of the Armadillo Podcast, whereby I tell how Galia and I became friends.

You can hear a brief interview with Galia at the end of show but I forgot to ask her how a nice Israeli girl ends up in a Japanese drumming ceremony.Taiko_3_4  (In the photo, Galia is the one in the middle.)

If you have a friend  whom you wish would move Austin, or if you'd like to send Galia a note with your own story about why our town is great, click here and send us an email--perhaps we'll invite you to be our next guest on the show.


Episode One: (click link below)

Download ArmadilloPodcast1.1.mp3


And if you like the music, you can find more info on the artists here.  All of our music comes from The Podsafe Network



Bob Huffaker

The Armadillo Podcast is a warmhearted reflection of what Austin is about. I can't quite forgive the bankers for demolishing the sweet old Armadillo World Headquarters, but its spirit lives on in our native determination to keep Austin weird. In this beautiful city, musicians, writers, artists and strange and wonderful folks of all stamps somehow manage to overshadow the militant ignorance that dominates the state's governing cronies.

California will, of course, eventually fall into the Pacific, Galia, so come to the paradise of strange delights while there's time. Like the armadillo, my eyesight is a tad weak, but my instincts are good and my hide is tough. We manage, usually, to avoid becoming road-kill, and it's no accident that Austin remains Armadillo World Headquarters.


Steven Phenix

Thanks, Bob. Come back and visit us again. I do believe our first guest is a friend of yours.


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Guests and Armadillos

  • Steven Phenix
    Weekly podcast interviews of Austinites famous and infamous, known and unknown, with the sole intent to convince my good friend Galia, an Israeli woman living way out in California, to move and live with us here in Austin, Texas, the land of the weird and the home of the armadillo.

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