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Wayne Alan Brenner

Wayne Alan Brenner

The other day a funny thing happened on the way back from the mail box.  I noticed an envelope that was sealed with a sticker from the Ministry of Culture and the sticker assured that the enclosed documents were in strict accordance with the Revised Manual of Gravitational Assurance.

Curious, I cracked open the seal and found this pamphlet:
I opened it up and it read:

"Step One

"The first thing you need to do is this:  Let this document fall..."

"That's right, hold it in front of yourself and let it fall to the ground.  Make sure you watch it fall--watch it closely, now--and make sure it falls all the way, make sure it actually hits the ground. If it hits the ground, then you know gravity is still at work, that everything's doing what it's supposed to do, and then you're free to move on to the next step."

So I let the pamphlet fall to the ground. Then I looked around to see if I had just been Punk'd by Ashton Kutchner.

The "Five Simple Steps to Greater Joy in This World of Sorrow" goes on to list, well uh, four other steps to achieve a higher joy.  But my second step was to go inside and call the author, Wayne Alan Brenner and ask him to be our next guest on The Armadillo Podcast.

Wayne ("Call me Brenner!") is an interesting guy--editor with the Austin Chronicle, author of 2.25 novels, 4 plays, innumerable short stories and an actor, as well.

To listen to our interview with this mad pamphleteer, click here.